Henk van der Schuur is a leader in software product development. Currently, he works at Schuberg Philis, a company with no managers and full self-organization. He’s passionate about topics such as agile software production, continuous delivery, DevOps, and the cultural, organizational, and technological changes associated with these approaches.

He works with self-organized teams, enabling people to thrive, by empowering them and by being transparent—vulnerability is true strength. All to make a significant impact and deliver value in the hands of the customer.

When he was 25, Henk received his Ph.D. degree after defending his dissertation on in-the-field software operation feedback. Although a nerd at heart, he also has years of experience in product management (AFAS Software) and comparable managerial roles—a huge benefit to bridge the gap between business and IT. He is particularly result-oriented and believes strategy and execution are the same thing.